Osmio Zero Installation Reverse Osmosis System


Smart and highly efficient reverse osmosis water filter and kettle that will produce high quality water with no installation and super easy user maintenance. Osmio's latest compact, portable and counter-top reverse osmosis water filter, the world's first revolutionary, installation-free household Reverse Osmosis (RO) counter top water purifier which also serves to provide, ambient, hot and boiling hot water at your fingertips with great ease of use and easy maintenance. A filter kettle like other portable purification system. The most efficient RO system on the planet!

✓ Simply plug and play! No need for any installation! So easy!

✓ Produces water thousands of times more pure than traditional gravity filters or jug filters

✓ Replaces your kettle by also producing reverse osmosis quality water, ambient, warm, hot or boiling at your fingertips!

✓ Filters cold water and has a boiler for instant boiling water

✓ Very compact and can be put anywhere

✓ 1 year warranty

Add Osmio Zero-IP-II Portable Reverse Osmosis Replacement Filters Pack - £55

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