Coldstream High Flow Plastic Countertop Water Filter System and Tap CA008


This sleek, contemporary unit is fully portable and its universal fittings mean that it can be moved from tap to tap within the home. Alternatively it can be packed up and transported for use in areas where water is non-potable, saving you the expense of having to purchase bottled water. Ideal for use on holiday.

  • Simple and easy to install, no plumbing required.
  • Filter housing sits on the counter top by the side of the sink and includes a separate water outlet for filtered water.
  • Diverter valve screws onto the aerator fitting on your kitchen tap.
  • Switch diverter valve to 'on' for filtered water, or 'off' to divert the water straight to the sink.
  • Supplied with a Coldstream Sentry CTO+ CF169W mains ceramic water filter.
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