Coldstream Ceramic Gravity Water Filter Candle CF163W


Are you concerned about the detrimental effects that the fluoride in our tap water has on your health? Do you wish the UK would follow the 97-98% of European countries and ban fluoridation completely? If so, this product is definitely going to interest you. 

These Ceramic Gravity Filter Candles are the ‘crème de la crème’ of the ceramic filter world, beating all of their competition hands down! They are so effective that they remove 97% of fluoride, bacteria, cysts, chemicals, metals, organics and all of the other nasties that our tap water contains, whilst managing to retain the healthy salts and electrolytes that our bodies need. Who would have thought that a bit of ceramic and carbon block could achieve so much? 

These particular filters are Doulton, Berkey, British Berkefeld and Propur compatible.

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