BMB-20 +Alkaline +Detox Pumped Quick Change 6 Stage Reverse Osmosis System


BMB-20 +Alkaline +Detox is a self-standing, full functioning pumped reverse osmosis system. The system comes with a steel stand for easy installation, plus the pH stabilizer, Nano zinc powder activated antibacterial, alkaline and detox filters for antitoxin and energizing water properties. The 6 filter system incorporates Nano technology filters, easy Plug & Play components and Quick Change Filter Technology (QCFT) for easy maintenance.

- Designed for residential, under the kitchen counter, home use
- Standing model / Plug & Play easy installation / Quick Filter Change Technology
- Economic model / total of 6 filters / small footprint
- Alkaline Filter for increased pH health benefits
- Detox Filter for anti-toxin properties
- 12 month filter lifetime (all of the filters get changed at the same time).

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Add Full Set of Quick Change Filters for BMB Reverse Osmosis System

Add Alkaline and Detox Filters

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