Questions about Water Filter Systems?

Why do I need a water filter?

The recommended daily intake of water for an adult is between 1.5 and 2 litres. If you are going to be drinking that much water on a daily basis then you should ensure that it is good quality and free from chemicals, metals, pesticides, herbicides, dirt, hormones, human & animal waste, and detergents. Unfortunately, your tap water isn't, so that's where a water filter comes in.

What are the differences between a gravity filter system and a mains water filter system?

A gravity filter system sits on your work surface, requires no installation and filters up to 7.5 - 8 litres of water at a time. You fill the top tank with tap water and it flows through the ceramic filter candles to the lower reservoir where it collects, as filtered water, ready to be used. The filter candles filter the water at a slower rate than other filters, but they remove 97% of all fluoride. The system comes with 4 x ceramic filters with a 6 month lifespan, each, and 3 bungs to minimalize the number of candles used at any one time, as desired.

A mains water filter system is attached to your mains water supply, under your sink, and we do recommend installation by a plumber (we offer the option of a full installation service if you require this). We offer a choice of systems to suit your requirements and budgets, and they are coupled with either a tri-flow tap (replacing your existing mixer tap) or a separate tap that is fitted in close proximity to your sink. 

Can a water filters really improve the quality and taste of my tap water?

In a word, yes! We have filters that remove bacteria and cysts, and some are impregnated with silver which denatures micro-organisms. Some filters remove lead, heavy metals, herbicides & pesticides, as well as hormones, and others remove chlorine (and therefore its unpleasant taste and odour), fluoride arsenic and other chemicals. Healthy salts and electrolytes are retained in the water and these are vital to good health. The overall result is safe, great tasting drinking water. The beauty of our extensive range of filters is that you can eliminate whatever you consider important to remove from your tap water, and literally tailor your drinking water to your individual needs and requirements. 

How does filtered water compare to bottled

-Less waste! Using a water filter at home helps reduce the need for the billions of plastic water bottles that are used every year, and end up in landfill sites or the ocean. Over a 12 month period a family of 4 drinking 2 litres of water each a day would equate to in excess of 1460 2L plastic bottles which would head straight for a landfill site; as opposed to 2 replacement filters!

- Less expensive! In a direct comparison, filtered water is a fraction of the cost of bottled water. That same family of 4 will be spending in excess of £1460 per year on bottled water (based on a 1L bottle costing a conservative 50p). Our filters all cost different amounts, but as an example to buy 2 x replacement Coldstream water filter candles it would cost £70, and you would be able to use the filtered water in your kettle, your cooking, you could even give it to your pets and water your herb garden with it - the supply is limitless!

- You can never be sure exactly what is in your bottled water, as you don't always know its source, and you cant be sure about the quality of the packaging that it comes in.

How often do I have to replace my water filters?

It does depend to some extent on the quality of the water that is being filtered, and also which system you have chosen, but as a rule of thumb we say that a filter has got a lifespan of roughly 6 months - 3 years (depending on the filter in question).

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