About Filtered Free

Water is life - and life is water!

Filtered Free, based in Clitheroe, Lancashire, is a company that has been formed by like-minded people who are passionate about water and the importance of this fundamental ingredient to your health and well-being.  We are committed to offering you a range of simple and affordable solutions to obtaining water, in its purest form, straight from your tap without compromising on quality. We achieve this through the process of water filtration using a number of different ways:

Water is life - and life is water! 

The range of products that we supply give you the option of not only improving the quality of your drinking water, by removing bad odours, chemicals, heavy metals, hormones, disinfectants, insecticides, fluoride and much more, but they can also assist in helping you to achieve clear water, therefore scum-free tea and coffee. You can also have chlorine and chemical free showers and baths by fitting some of our products, resulting in softer skin and hair and putting an end to bad reactions to such chemicals. Furthermore, if you have limescale/ copper corrosion problems, these can be eliminated, therefore extending the life of your boilers, dishwashers and other expensive home appliances. 

    Did you know that bottled water can cost almost 1000 times more than filtered water?

Investing in a water filter system can save you a fortune in both the long and short term when you consider what you pay for the privilege of drinking bottled water. It will also have a huge, positive impact to the environment due to the lack of demand for the plastic bottles of water, so you can feel happy in the knowledge that you are making a real difference to the plastic pollution that is threatening our planet.

What we offer, in a nutshell...

  • Free P&P
  • Next working day delivery on most items (if ordered before 3pm) and 2-3 working days on others
  • Numerous replacement filters to suit every need 
  • Gravity fed water filter systems
  • Extensive range of Main Pressure water filter systems from point-of-use to whole house
  • Various systems to even benefit your gardens
  • UK wide installation service
Based in Lancashire, we have a friendly and professional team ready to assist you, so please don't hesitate to get in touch with any queries that you might have. 07885056539 / sian@filteredfree.com.