Why should I opt for a Whole House Water Filter System?

October 30, 2018

Why should I opt for a Whole House Water Filter System?

Whole House Water Filter Systems are the very best solution for filtering all the water you use in your home, for pure filtered water for all your needs. We have a range of filter systems and sizes to suit your needs. Call 07885 056539 and get your quality whole house water filter system and improve the water you drink, use for cooking and washing.

Before choosing your whole house water filter system, it is vital to know where it will be installed. This is because the systems come in various shapes and sizes and you need to know whether it can fit.

Usually whole house filter systems are installed where the rising main comes into your property (which is why they are often referred to as "Point of Entry Systems"). The reason for this is so that the whole house water filter or treatment system can start as soon as the water enters the home's plumbing system. You will find a stop cock or main water supply shutoff valve at the point where the rising main enters the property. Sometimes this can be outside your property, and whole house filter systems can be installed outside too as long as they are adequately insulated against freezing.

Do you struggle with excessive levels of limescale in your water? Are you kettles coated inside and do you have to replace your washing machines and dishwashers more frequently due to the build up of limescale in your pipes? If so, help is on hand in the form of a liquid softener. The liquid softeners uses hex polyphosphate to coat the limescale minerals in the water and help prevent bonding. You may still experience some limescale appearance which within a period of around 72 hours wipes off easily rather than scrubs off. The liquid also provides a silky and soft feel, similar to salt based softeners but without the lathering effect that they have on the soap. We have much anecdotal evidence from customers that the liquid softeners are proving very effective at relieving the symptoms of dryness and itchiness associated with hard water. Please also note the maximum hardness level for use of the liquid systems is 350 PPM (Calcium Carbonate), which if you don't know then you can find this on your water companies website.

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