What's the big deal about a Gravity Water Filter System?

November 06, 2018

What's the big deal about a Gravity Water Filter System?

Everyone should have a gravity water filter system for disaster preparedness and everyday convenience.

We have a range of Gravity Water Filters which are ideal for anyone looking for really high-quality water without the need to install a system, making them ideal for people renting or for campers, adventurists and anyone travelling where they want assurance of safe water to drink. Our systems are so powerful they can work with untreated river, lake or pond water and are truly the most essential piece of survival equipment. For this reason, we believe everyone should have one, even if you have a system installed.

Gravity filters are very simple, freestanding units that use two containers and a tap spigot. You simply fill the upper chamber with water which filters through the ceramic filter cartridges. Some systems can use up to 4 filters to give you the fastest possible production flow rates.Coldstream Gravity Water Filter System

The filters are advanced and remove completely or reduce to a very high level a wide spectrum of impurities including pathogenic bacteria, parasites and cysts the main cause of diseases such as cholera, dysentery, bilharzia, typhoid, sediment and chemicals, including chlorine, lead and other metals. The filter is fitted with a tap to allow you conveniently dispense the freshly filtered water.

We also sell additional extras to customise your Gravity Filter System to your individual needs.

If you want a slower filter flow rate or live alone and don’t use as much water as, say, a family of 4, you might want to consider buying a Gravity System Blocking Plug .These allow you to block off some of the filter holes, therefore enabling you to use less filters at any one time. Gravity Water Filter System Blocking Plug

For those of you who want to keep a visual track on the amount of filtered water available in your system, we sell the 7.5” Sight Glass Spigot. This allows you to clearly read the water level in the lower chamber, and it fits the Travel Berkey and Big Berkey systems. Glass spigot for Berkey Gravity Water Filter Systems

We also supply the Berkey Base which is not only suitable for use with the Big Berkey system, but is also compatible with the Coldstream Gravity Filter System. With its height of 15cm, it easily allows you to fit a glass or cup underneath the spigot. Berkey Base

With no installation required, and free P&P on everything, there is nothing to stop you taking the plunge and having a supply of delicious, clean tap water to enjoy.

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