Filtered Water vs Bottled Water - massive savings to be made!

May 22, 2017

Filtered Water vs Bottled Water - massive savings to be made!

Do you want to save £100s? Who doesn't? If you are a bottled water drinker, this is for you-

Between 1995 and 2016, the UK bottled water market (including water coolers), has grown from just 800 million litres to almost 3.2 billion litres. The UK bottled water market is worth over £2.4 billion! You are contributing to this immense statistic, but with a couple of small changes you could be saving big time instead. Check out the figures below...

Av cost in UK for bottled water - £1.36 per litre
Daily recommended intake - 2 litres p.p. - £2.72
Annual spend p.p. - £992.80

Water filter tap + replacement filter - £214.50
After initial cost, 2 x filters p.a. - £70
Annual saving - p.p - £922.80 / family of 4 - £3901.20

                                 Stop wasting money!!!

It is true that it is unlikely that you will drink the daily recommended amount of bottled water every single day of the year, but in the first year if you drink 2 litres a day for 79 days (less that a quarter of the year), you will break even after your initial investment of the water filter system itself. Then in each of the following years, you only have to drink 2 litres a day for 26 days before you then break even following the outlay for 2 replacement filters! That's a mere 6.5 days for a family of 4 consuming the daily recommended amount!The simple fact is that you don't really feel the loss of £2.72 a day, until it progresses, day in, day out, because when you add it all up it suddenly amasses to a huge outlay.

Stop wasting money now and put your finances to much better use. Invest in a water filter and save £1000s in the years to come...

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