Coldstream Gravity Water Filter

August 25, 2017

Coldstream Gravity Water Filter

Back by popular demand!!

Due to its popularity and therefore our temporary lack of stock we are pleased to announce that we have taken delivery of yet more of these amazing pieces of kit! Until you have tried out these filter systems you really can't appreciate just how great they are. It really is a case of not knowing what you are missing until you have tried them...

Do you have very chlorinated water that tastes like its come straight from your local swimming pool? Do you have concerns about the amount of herbicides and pesticides that are getting into our water supplies from our farmers fields? Do you live in an old property and are worried that your water could contain residues from existing lead or copper pipes? Are you concerned about outbreaks of waterborne cysts or bacteria happening in your local water treatment plant? Do you want fluoride-free water, just like 97% of other European countries? Are you just aware that our UK tap water contains far too many unwanted chemicals and bacteria and you want to drink purer water for a change?

If you have answered 'Yes' to any of the above questions then this Gravity Filter System is right up your street. Containing 4 x filters that remove up to 99.9999% of most chemicals, bacteria and heavy metals, plus 97% of fluoride, the filtered water that you are left with is literally purer that the driven snow!! Plus, as it filters up to 7.5L at a time, you have plenty available to pop in you kettle for your cups of tea and coffee, or boil your vegetables, potatoes and pasta with. You would probably even have enough to water your kitchen herbs with too!

'There is always bottled water as an alternative!' I hear you cry! Yes that's true, but why not do your bit for the environment and cut down on the amount of plastic bottles you are buying, and watch your bank balance swell at the same time? With the average cost of UK bottled water being priced at over £1 per litre, and the daily recommended amount to drink set at 2 litres per person, it wont take you long to fritter away the money that it would cost you to invest in a Gravity Filter System.   

And there has never been a better time to buy use the code 'SUMMERSALE' until 30th September and enjoy 10% off everything that you buy, all with free P&P thrown in!



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